BuilderOne | A Kitchen Renewed
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A Kitchen Renewed

About This Project

When you walked into this home, the kitchen and eating space was disproportionate.  Today, there is adequate preparation space for cooking and baking, a gas range and a place that Highlights an antique Hutch that’s been with the family a long time.  We also made the garage entrance/laundry room into a multi-functional space.

  •    Owner likes to cook and bake.  She found the counter top prep space was inadequate.
  •    The previous circulation space was made into usable kitchen.
  •   Design intent was to balance these two rooms and feature the antique hutch.
  •    Laundry off the garage entry had insufficient coat and boot storage.
  •    Cabinets were added to provide off-season storage.  Made space for four people coming in the door much easier.